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Memorial 1815


waterloo uncovered / july 14 and 15

Archaeology !

For the fifth year in a raw, this multinational project that combines archaeological excavations with a program of convalescence and rehabilitation for soldiers and veterans, will settle on the site of the battlefield of June 18, 1815.

This campaign, named "Waterloo Uncovered", brings together a team of more than sixty people. It is composed of military veterans, mostly from UK and the Netherlands, who have fought in recent conflicts but also students and archaeologists, all mobilized and motivated by that British charity association.

For these soldiers, Archaeology is a means to recover from an injury or a trauma, to acquire new skills, to live new experiences and thus to recover some well-being.

The discoveries provide new information about the Battle of Waterloo and help to improve its knowledge and understanding.

Under the supervision of Professor Tony Pollard (University of Glasgow), Stuart Eve (private company L - P: Archeology) and Véronique Moulaert (Public Service of Wallonia), the group inspects and digs the ground using the latest digital methods.

The teams will open several trenches in the courtyard of the Hougoumont farm in Braine-l'Alleud, in the fighting zone outside the south wall of the orchard and behind the farm.

The weekend of July 14 and 15 will be devoted to the excavation visits for the general public.


Practical information

Open to the public from 9.30 am till 6.30 pm.

Free excavation visit with the purchase of an entrance ticket.

Free parking place at the Memorial 1815.



Practical information

Virtual visit