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Memorial 1815


Scottish days / 19 AND 20 august

 Scottish days at the Hougoumont Farm

Imagine the sound of the bagpipes ringing through the plains of the Hougoumont Farm and the Lion's Mound, the dancers and the traditional colours of Scotland in harmony with the century-old buildings, adapting to the language of stones, irresistible odours and flavours guiding you through a gastronomic village, sporting events in the middle of the fields... You are in the surprising universe of a Scottish day, symbiosis of a culture and two prestigious sites to discover.

Modern Scotland is a rich variety of cultures from all over the world. However, there are several emblems considered as typically Scottish. From the tartan to the bagpipe, including the kilts, the Highland Games, the national flag, the national drink and the Gaelic language, discover the story and the legends behind the national emblems of Scotland and how they are associated to this wonderful country.

In this context, the non-profit organization "Les Rendez-vous de l'Histoire" wishes to develop an event which will bring us together around the Scottish culture, customs and traditions. A weekend of discoveries, may it be music, adventures, sports, dances and tasty stops...

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